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[ About Zant Technologies ]

Zant Technologies is a development and marketing group based out of Wichita, KS. We provide a wide range of technology services for your business or project. Whether it is building custom websites or developing tailored mobile apps, Zant Tech is your all-inclusive technology resource. Do you want to update your office's technology or digital marketing and don’t know where to start? We can have one of our expert technical consultants meet one-on-one to cover the solutions that would best suit your business. We will work with you every step of the way from development to setup and after launch. Some of the biggest difficulties in today’s market is leveraging search engine optimization (SEO) and internet marketing to help your business grow. Zant Tech can help your business optimally utilize these tools. We also have a knowledgeable team that can efficiently manage your social media accounts and online presence. We can set up and maintain your web advertisement campaigns and reviews for Google™, Microsoft™, Facebook™ and much more.

[ Our Services ]

Web Solutions
Technology Management
Mobile Solutions
Data Storage & Management
Technical Consulting
website development

—(Web Solutions)—

We specialize in custom web design and development. Our websites are built and tailored to your needs. Separate your site from the typical cookie cutter templates seen around the web. Leave the hosting in our hands and we will make sure everything is secure and scalable. Want to listen to the voice of the customer? We can get you set up with live web chat in order to collect user feedback also.

- Web Development
- Mobile Sites
- Web Applications
- Online E-commerce Stores
- Customer and ticket management through a live chat portal

software development


Need websites and more.

SEO - We can build and manage your search engine optimization so you compete on Google™, Bing™ and many more.

Web Presence and social media - We can help maintain a positive presence on all your internet and social media accounts.

- Marketing
- Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
- Web presence account upkeep
- Social Media Management (Facebook™, Linkedin™,
Instagram™, Twitter™)
- Web Advertising (Social media, Google™, Bing™)
- In-person Marketing and Consulting

app development

—(Technology Management)—

Managing all the tech devices in your office can be tough. We can help take the uncertainty and guess work out of your process. We’ll take care of managing your desktops, laptops, and servers along with network devices such as printers and switches. We’ll protect it all behind a firewall with anti-virus software to keep it safe from malicious activity. 

- Password management
- Office 365 management
- Azure management
- Customer Relationship Management systems
- Custom PCs
- Laptops
- Tablets

Technical Consulting

—(Mobile Solutions)—

Need a custom app for your company or business? Look no further. We know app development can be scary and daunting task and we are here to help. Our in-house team can create a custom app that is cross-platform which in turn, can be used on all of today’s leading platforms.

- Android
- iOS
- Windows
- Custom Development

Database Management

—(Data Management)—

Backing up your data is an essential practice of businesses in today’s fast paced world. You can get back up and running even if you experience hardware failure or want to restore to a previous setup. We can provide on-premise backups and/or backups in the cloud so you will have a secure copy elsewhere. We do enterprise scale data imports and exports and can also perform database management and set up.

- Data Architecture
- Azure SQL
- Azure Data warehouse
- Access database
- Filesharing
- Personalized Cloud Storage solutions

Social media management

—(Technical Consulting)—

Sometimes you need a second opinion on how your website looks or functions. Let us help by giving advice on proposed technology decisions. A few examples of how Zant can help are creating reports, data migration, upgrade suggestions, and development of custom software to interface with another application. We can also provide advice on your overall technical strategy and work with your other third party companies to manage your office so you don’t have to.

- Microsoft and Linux Server Architecture
- Agile/SCRUM project management framework
- Waterfall project management framework
- Business Technology setup and architecture
- Roadmaps and cost timeline
- Wireless access and site surveys
- Security review

[ Our Technology - ThoJax™ ]

ThoJax™ is a mobile estimation software that can be used by any industry that
provides estimations for projects or services. It is scalable to fit any industry's needs and is scalable from a single contractor to a hub to organize your entire sales teams estimates. By default, ThoJax™ will generate an estimate, cost report, and create a work order per project that can be easily accessed at any time.

[ Customize ThoJax™ ]

Need a different kind of report? No problem. Our team can alter or create any custom report to fit your needs. Thojax™ can be branded with your company's logo and colors and much more.

<Meet your technology leaders/>

Zant Technologies
zant tech
Thomas Ford
Innovations Architect
Phong Nguyen
Project Manager
Web presence
Murl Westheffer
Innovations Architect
Megan Madsen
Social Media Specialist
Goverment Contractor
Reighley Murphy
Government Contractor


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